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Hayley Siano
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Crystalline powerhouse vocals, shimmering instrumentals, and heart-opening lyrics make up the sound that is Hayley Siano. Raised in a small conservative community, pianist-singer Hayley has spent her adulthood thus far turning to nature and the fire in their own gut in order to embrace the fullness and magic of their queer identity, all the while translating their explorations into music. A magnetic and captivating live performer, Hayley often draws comparisons to the dynamic lyricism and breathtaking vocals of the likes of Brandi Carlile, Sara Bareilles, and Phoebe Bridgers. 


Hayley is based in NYC and uses she/they pronouns. 


"Hayley delivers a passionate vocal performance that expresses the natural textures within her beautiful vocals & highlights the phenomenally delicate essence behind this song."

“This Very Moment” is a carefree ode to Hayley’s youth — in its conception, she’s given the unique opportunity to create with her own younger self. The result is an expert push-and-pull between her past and present we’re grateful to be privy to."

"With a delicate and emotive instrumental as the vibrant backdrop, Hayley’s powerful and anthemic vocals are undoubtedly the stand out feature of the song; showcasing her dazzling skill and talent. As Hayley’s vocals weave their way throughout the soundscape, her melodic vocal cadences and gentle harmonies deliver a real sense of emotion and power to the captivating ballad; bringing you further into her sonic world."

"Vocal production is extremely well done with background parts layering and weaving into the mix to create a melodic tapestry. Siano's vocals shine, gently but confidently communicating the song’s message."

"“This Very Moment” by Hayley Siano is a great piece of songwriting featuring a top- notch performance. Siano's powerhouse vocals, the song’s background vocals, and the excellent vocal production are the driving forces behind this song’s success. With songs like "This Very Moment", Hayley takes her place on stage with stand-out independent artists to watch in 2020."


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